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Peggy Tartt Velem, Manhattan 2014

ESL CLASS in 2013 – 2014 ,Manhattan, NY

Stories by Students from Community – Based Literacy Groups in New York City. The Special Event was in May 23rd 2013 at 7 pm

” Tell a Story

Symphony Space ( 2537 Broadway 95th St.,N.Y.) is a performing Arts Center on the Upper West Side of Manhattan offering programs in theatre, film, literature, music, dance and family.

Tell a story (or poem), with a beginning,middle,and end, where something happens to a person,thing,or place and any feelings connected with what happens.

One of the famous Actors will read from 37 stories.
They published all of the stories.

The famous Actors

  • Francois Battiste (he’s appeared in the Good Wife TV series),
  • Mia Dillon (Her film and TV work includes the Law&Orders, she has appeared on Broadway in Our Town, Tony Award nomination),
  • Michael Genét (He is a screenwriter and actor),
  • Sonia Manzano ((She is known to millions as Maria on Sesame Street and She has earned fifteen Emmy Awards as a writer for the show),
  • Dawn Akemi Saito (She is an actress,performance artrist,writer and director)

I wrote My story.
Strange English

I lived and worked in Malta for 2 years. I worked as a private nurse.When I arrived on the Island, I did not speak much English.I understood some words but not enough for conversation.The first six months were difficult for me to understand and speak. My client name was Helena. She had a special health issue. That’s why she needed help 24/7. I am goimg to tell you three strange English lessons when I was living with Helena.

First one. Helena had a few friends over at her apartment. I was cooking and later cleaning the kitchen. I needed to throw away the rubbish. I said, ” I am going out to throw away the rabbit!” One of her friends said,” Helena,you did not tell us you have a rabbit. I am so excited! Please show us.Where is your rabbit? Helena said, ” Oh no, Kenneth, I do not have a rabbit. She‘s just confused about some words. “

Second one. It had been so cold in the apartment because it was November. I said, ” Helena, I want to turn on the theater. It`’s cold. She said, ” The word is not theater. What you want to turn is the heater. “

Third one. I said, ” Helena I left your vomit on the chair. When you go out, just pick it up. The next minute,her husband asked, ” Helena, are you sick ? Why did not you tell me? Do you have a stomachache ? I will call the doctor right away.
Helena was laughing. She said, ” Do not worry, Marcell. I am all right. I am fine. She wanted to tell me that my wallet is on the chair. “

Marcell Ellul, Helena Ellul

When I left Malta, I could speak English a little better, but was still not fluent. English is entirely different from my native language, Hungarian. I am still studying English and having so much fun learning this srtange language. The other day, I said to my teacher .

” My English is proofing. ” She said,

” No, your English is not proofing, it is improving. “

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