NYC Subway`s Performers

By on 2015.02.04.

Just have fun when you travel on the SUBWAY.

I was on the subway and traveled to Brooklyn … We have been on the Williamsburg Bridge when these guys popped up and started an amazing show.

Click on the Videos here!

Two TALENTED, HILARIOUS Guys are Singing on the Subway in New York

These two guys were on the shuttle to Times Square doing some craziness. They were awesome. I hope they’re doing well. New York City has the most free entertainment you can imagine, above ground and below. In addition to the thousands of street performers on our sidewalks and parks, there are hundreds more in the subways.

I met with them many times.

One-man band musician Jeffrey Masin performs at the Times Square subway station for tips in New York or a little pre-show busker action in Union Square.

Crazy Mexican musician

The MTA (Mass Transit Authority) holds auditions for musicians so they can sing at designated regular spots & hopefully gain some recognition like Alice Tan Ridleywho went from performing in Times Square’s main station to appearing on America’s Got Talent TV show.

Alice Tan Ridley




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