It is a wild World

By on 2015.08.28.

It is a wild World by Ivan Pereira

Coyote End Up on a Roof in NY
in Central park

 Battery Park City coyote won’t be the last in New York City,according to experts.

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New York’s getting more diverse – and not in the way that you think.The recent coyote sightings in Manhattan and Queens are just the beginnings in what experts call an increasing trend of wild animals finding their way into the city.Experts,however,said New Yorkers shoudn’t panic. And coyotes aren’t the only ones moving in.For years,species such as snowy owls,red-tailed hawks,chipmunks and flying squirrels have thrived in the Big Apple.Bald eagles built their first New York City nest in a century off the coast of Staten Island in January,the Audubon Society said. Most of the animals turn up in major green spaces,such as Central Park or the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge,but their way out onto the pavement.

Recent sightings

There have been six sightings in the city this year.

  • Cops caught one of the furry fugitives at West 76 street and Riverside Drive on January 10.It was released into a wildlife sanctuary in the Bronx.
  • Another coyote was spotted and caught in Stuyvesant Town on January 26.
  • On March 30,a coyote took to the roof of LIC Bar on Vermon Boulevard but fled the scene before capture
  • A coyote wandered the streets near West 28 Street and Nine Avenue early in the morning before cops safety captured it on April 15.The animal joined his fellow coyotes at the Bronx reserve.
  • Cops chased a coyote throughout the Upper East side Wednesday after it was spotted near West 87 th Street and Riverside drive.The animal escaped.
  • A chase erupted in Battery Park City Saturday after a coyote was spotted.Cops eventually caught the animal near the World Trade Center.

The animals are,of course putting themselves in danger on the street.It is set to be released in a wilderness area.An Increase in park land and the  prevalence of food are among the factors drawing coyotes to the city,experts said.




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