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                       How to create a dream book by Katalin Hidvegi. 

Think about what you would like to achieve in your lifetime.

Buying a new home?

Travelling to different countries?

Sending your children to a private school?

Whatever your dreams may be, know that you have all the opportunity, right here with anything! I encourage you to dream big and succeed !

Your dreams can motivate you but in our busy life we know that we could easily lose sight of our goals. For this reason I recommend creating your own DREAM BOOK.

My dream

Maybe you are asking: What is a dream book?

  • A dream book allows you to document and keep track of what your goals are in life.
  • It is reminding you what your dreams are!
  • But it can also make you feel more committed and motivated for reaching your goals when you show the book to others.
  • You can create this book with images that represent your goals.
  • The dream book is an easy, effective and affordable tool to use.
  • The book is so simple to create and easy to follow.

My dream book

I would like to help you stayed focused on your goals and I created a list, a guide how to create your personal Dream book.
Follow these steps and see how much easier it will be for you to achieve your dreams.
I’ve also attached a few picture from my personal dream book for you to see as a sample.

1. Step: Purchase a Blank Book … – Select one that allows you to add pages as you begin to add more dreams. You can pick a 3-ring binder or a photo album.

2. Step: Personalize it … – Identify your own goals!
– Short term (less than year)
– Medium term (1-3 years)
– Long term (5+ years)

Update your DREAM BOOK as often as you wish, adding or removing dreams that you are achieved.

You can organize it into categories, you can leave 3-4 blank pages for each dream so you can fill them with images.

You can also add Heading…

for example: My House, My Car.
It is personal, so make sure it motivates you!

The DREAM BOOK is always be a work in progress, as you fulfill your goals then you will be adding.

3. Step: Make a plan… Seeing is believing!
A picture tells a story and it worth a thousand words.

It creates feelings and emotions which leads to actions and

When you are looking at your DREAM BOOK let your emotions and feelings help you to make a plan to achieve your goals you want to

Think about ways you can be more creative and improve the strength of your business.

4. Step: Review it daily… – Reviewing your dream is critical so you can continuously empower yourself to work harder towards your goals.

Check you DREAM BOOK daily for inspiration. Look through the book at night before you go to bed so you can dream about attaining the
success you need to achieve your dreams.
Then review it in the morning to get that extra boost of encouragements to do your best at work.

5. Step: Share it with others… – Share your DREAMBOOK and experience with others, and see how your dreams begin to turn into reality.

Show your distributors how your dreams have become bigger and bigger and how you achieve them.Use your book as a source and inspiration for others to succeed their own dreams with anything!

6. Step: Teach your down line… – Encourage your down line to create their own DREAM BOOK and tell them to follow these easy steps.

The more often you refer to your DREAM BOOK, the more focused and committed you will be to achieve your goals and dreams.
Make sure not to use the book for only yourself but duplicate it into your down line and see the results.

With the DREAM BOOK, goals can bee seen long before they become a reality.

What makes you get up every day and go to work?
What motivates you to introduce others to our business?
What keeps you motivated and focused on succeeding

For many people is fulfilling a dream.

Your sponsor might ask you: What is your dream?
What are your goals? or What do you want to achieve from this?

Most of the time you find yourself speechless and with no answer to the questions. But all of us know that having a dream or even several dreams is just the beginning to success.

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