Valentine`s Day canceled

By on 2023.06.11.

First story …

So sorry Cupid HAD an ACCIDENT in 2021.
Valentine`s Day Canceled.Valentine`s Day is one of the most famous day in the World but not in this year because of the accident.

Second story is because of Emperor …

Claudius II. believed that singel men made better soldiers than married. Valentine priest decided this decree was unjust,he chose to officiate secret wedding ceremonies for young couples. Claudius II.discovered the illegal acts condemmed him to death.

Another legend claims that Valentine was a prisoner who fell in love with his jailor`s daugther. Valentine was put to death, he wrote her a letter and sent the first VALENTINE card. He signed the letter – Your Valentine.

Last story is …

Cupid had an accident because somebody made a mistake and killed him accidentally. The killer run away. Unfortunately, he could not fall in LOVE anymore.

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