One World Observatory

By on 2015.07.10.

Start at One World Observatory by Eva Kis

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“1250 feet below you”

“ To be sure,this is not an extension of the 9/11 Museum – nowhere in the exhibit is the tragedy directly referenced (the airport-style security check is the  sole stark reminder). In an oblique nod,visitors enter through a hallway lined with screens showing interviews with everyone from construction workers to executives describing

ONE WORLD TRADE as “the most important building in the country” & ” the new symbol of HOPE.”

The elevators whisk you up in an impressive ascent – from the basement to the 102nd floor in 47 seconds – during which New – York City is built up around you in an animated panorama on the elevator’s walls.

  • the 102nd floor is private event space
  • down on 101,there are three restaurants:a grab-and-go kiosk,a coffee bar, a casual eatery & an upscale dining spot with a bar
  • the viewing gallery spans all of the 100th floor
  • on a clear day,you can see for 50 miles

Tickets available now – ONE WORLDOBSERVATORY.COM

The City has always been a showman,& it’s talents are on grand display here. ”




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